Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Navigational issues

I am seeing the Dandy Warhols tonight at a place I haven't been to yet called the Electric Ballroom. It is in Camden, home of the famous markets, which is quite easy to get lost in as the tube station comes out onto an intersection that has about 7 new roads leading away from it and limited street signs. It looks quite close but I find in London, being used to the relatively new cities of Australia, that it is exceedingly easy to fail if you go somewhere new with a cocky faith that you will find what you're looking for quickly.

The streets branch off and double back and loop and are not sufficiently signed and even if they are there is a much wider range of things that may be a street name than one is used to. They have roads, streets, lanes, courts, crescents, squares, rows, drives, ways, closes, places and terraces which together are about the extent of what you might expect a road to be called in Australia. Here there is also [ ] Villas, [ ] Gardens, [ ] Hill, [ ] Fields, (despite having no common features with a villa, garden, hill or field), [ ] Mews, [ ] Viaduct, or something not even resembling a street name at all like "West Smithfield". So until you become familiar with the street sign layout in the particular borough it's very, very easy to get lost.

As an added level of trickiness most people look at you like a) you do not exist or b) they want you and everyone else to die a painful, slow death so unless you're really desperate, asking for directions is not very appealing.

So, in summary, if I'm not back in 24 hours, send help. And thank goodness for Google Maps.

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