Saturday, 2 February 2008

Romania: vampire-free

We're just back from Romania today and quite exhausted, although smug about all of the exercise we got skiing over the last week. The photos are up on flickr here.

We stayed at a ski resort called Poiana Brasov, which is near Brasov, one of Romania's prettiest towns and therefore a bit of a tourist attraction. I didn't manage to get any action shots of us speeding down black runs or head first in piles of snow (too wimpy about bringing the camera out on the slopes in case I had a massive fall and broke it) so they're mostly snowy landscapes and some shots in the town.

The main attraction of the area, at least as far as The Boyfriend was concerned, was Bran Castle. This was one of the homes of Vlad the Impaler (as he is known), whose brutal behaviour inspired Bram Stoker to write the Dracula story. He lived in the 1400s and the castle has since been home to lots of other people including the Romanian royal family, so it's not all bats and dripping blood like you might expect - mostly old furniture and nice views, although there was a vaguely ominous feel about that bed (see photos).

Back to work on Monday sadly. We're seeing a band called Art Brut on Tuesday night which should be cool, and seeing two lots of Aussie friends next weekend. Plus The Boyfriend has a list of movies to see as long as his arm so that should keep us busy.

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