Saturday, 15 March 2008


My photos from a visit to Leah in Sarajevo are now up on flickr here. It was a really interesting place - old and new, damaged and reconstructed, so many religions, and so many graveyards. Awesome food - lots of Turkish-style spinach and cheese pastries as well as great Turkish coffee shops and Italian restaurants. Leah is working on war crimes case; she has a few more weeks to go, and then she's moving to The Hague to work on another one. I can't imagine how she handles hearing about all those tragic things for 6 months, and then moves on to another one.

Some other friends came along so we had a great weekend catching up and wandering around the town, eating and drinking lots. We also went to this really interesting museum located at the point where the Bosnians built a long underground tunnel under the airport runway to a free part of Bosnia, so food (and arms) could reach the surrounded Sarajevo. Unfortunately I managed to flatten my camera battery the night before so I couldn't take any shots but it was really cool, and confronting to think what a short time ago the city was completely under siege.

Mum and Dad are here next week so there might be a few more people in the shots for a few weeks! We are off to Portugal and St Petersburg and I have a few weeks off work, which I am very much looking forward to!

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