Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Photo update

I'm on delicious holidays at the moment and have a few days to myself while Mum and Dad are in Helsinki and The Boyfriend is working. I've been making excellent use of the time playing with our new stereo, watching DVDs and updating my photos on flickr.

So there are new shots added to the Poiana Brasov (Romania) set here which were given to us by Harris, who was brave enough to take his camera up the slopes - so they show some of the beautiful snowy views from the summit like this one:

Also a new set from Lisbon and Portugal here, new photos added to the Around London set here, and a new set of our visit to Whitstable and Canterbury a few months ago to see my friend Sarah from Toowoomba (she is studying at the University of Kent now).

Lisbon and Porto were surprising and often beautiful, especially at Sintra (around Lisbon) where we did a mammoth mountain trek to reach two castles and some amazing gardens. Both cities also had a heap of interesting stencil-style graffiti which I diligently captured a wide range of.

We will see Mum and Dad again in St Petersburg on Thursday. I was hoping for cold weather there as it would make packing way easier, and because after our pickpocketing experiences in Lisbon, I thought solid layers might help repel St Petersburg's notorious thieves. It looks like it's up to 20 degrees there at the moment though, unfortunately.

I'm planning a trip to a travel bookshop this afternoon for a St Petersburg guide, and am also hoping to get to the Peter Doig exhibition at the Tate Britain, but it's been raining solidly all morning ... which makes staying here in the living room much more attractive.

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