Friday, 16 May 2008

St Petersburg the Great

Photos of St Petersburg up on flickr here.

This morning The Boyfriend called me into the kitchen to see the squirrel sitting right outside the (closed) window, looking expectantly from me to The Boyfriend and back. I don't know what he expected - that we would open the window and give him our coins this time? The Boyfriend suggested Mr Squirrel might have a message for us from the Fairy Queen.

I actually felt a bit sorry for him - he stood there for ages, trenbling slightly - and for a minute I was tempted to give him some food, but that would kick off a whole new set of squirrel-feeding obligations and seriously, they eat pretty well out of the garbage bins anyway. I saw one of them flip the heavy metal lid off a bin yesterday and make off with avocado remnants and some kiwi fruit we'd thrown out.

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