Thursday, 28 August 2008


Unfortunately I've not had much time (or the inspiration) to post in the last few weeks. We have a houseguest at the moment but after she leaves, I hope to have more time to spend hunched over the computer posting photos and writing words.

Lately we've had a long weekend in Paris, and visited my ex-choir friend Andy while he was house-sitting in Lansdown, near/part of (I'm not sure - it's certainly very close) Bath. Photos of both trips will be posted on flickr eventually. We've also visited other Australian friends who live in Snaresbrook, east London, for a Saturday afternoon barbeque in some very welcome and unusual sunny weather. That was rather short-lived - this last couple of weeks have been an absolutely dismal mix of overcast skies, chilly winds, and drizzle. Paris was also quite rainy so I'm glad we got some Vitamin D during the barbeque while we had the chance.

It worries me vaguely that I've made so few English friends here. If any. I'm sure the reason for this is combination of many things: natural reserve (both me and the English), the fact that we have so many Australian friends living here anyway, and the fact that the only English people I really meet regularly are at work. My work colleagues have not made me feel overwhelmingly welcomed by any means, and it's a rather alpha-type, heavily ambitious collection of individuals anyway... not a prime environment for casual conversation or my usual MO: sarcasm. However, I've certainly met some lovely Brits at parties and I probably should have made more effort to see them again, or something. We've booked tickets home though, so it hardly seems worth it to start now.

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