Sunday, 16 September 2007

One sunny afternoon in west London, part 1

Last Sunday I decided to wander around my London suburb, as I hear the sun won't be shining for long.

On the way I saw some of the classic English architecture (over behind the constant traffic jam on the North Circular which is one of London's busiest roads):

And not so classic...I think this must be the modern-day equivalent of boarding up a house to keep out squatters. (You can get a closer look by clicking on the photo.)

I also came across Sid James' old house. It's right near my place -- unfortunately the BBC doesn't screen Carry On re-runs anywhere near as much as the ABC.

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londoninflames said...

the metal barriers are called sitex - it is indeed to secure houses against squatters. much of the north circ is earmarked for widening so you'll find that in some bits of it many many houses are sitexed, in the hope that the government can demolish them before the squatters get in. in other areas squatter communities are growing.