Saturday, 29 September 2007

One sunny afternoon in west London, part 2

While it was still sunny, I wanted to make my way to Gunnersbury Park, about 20 mins walk from home. You can read about it here:

On the way things were again looking typically English. The novelty of that is almost wearing off for me.

I came to this:

which sounded better than it looked.

However, Gunnersbury Park was beautiful. You walk off the North Circ into this huge, quiet sanctuary with neverending paths and so many corners to discover. The first part I came to was the creatively named Round Pond (they have one of these in Hyde Park as well) with its 18th century temple. You can just see the Canadian geese (introduced but I think they're more handsome than the native ones).

The park has tennis courts, 36 playing fields, playgrounds, more lakes, even an overgrown bowling green. (It wasn't very photogenic so you'll need to imagine.) After Queensland all that green grass is quite an experience.

This is a ruined boat house (originally a kiln).

The park also still has 2 of the old mansions (from before it was a public park), which sort of remind me of BBC Pride and Prejudice sets, and which might remind Dad of The Lavender Hill Mob, because that's where they shot it!

And ruins of the original Gunnerbury House, which was demolished when the land was divided up. It looks like I've been taking my photos leaning sideways...will have to work on that.

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