Saturday, 3 November 2007

Hyde Park

Shortly after The Boyfriend arrived we went for an expedition into town to Notting Hill, and then through Hyde Park into Kensington. Hyde Park in autumn reminds me of watching To the Manor Born or All Creatures Great and Small. All green grass and dogs romping under the trees and women in tartan wool skirts and boots.

The Boyfriend, looking a little jetlagged. Or like he's planning an armed robbery before lunch.

The Prince Albert Memorial and the Albert Hall. We couldn't help but comment about how we felt Queen Victoria went a little over the top.

It was slightly more pleasant than Monday morning this last week, when the train I was on stopped at Notting Hill Gate, and the driver announced in a friendly yet neutral tone that he didn't know when we'd have clearance to move again. Signal failure or something. After waiting 10 minutes I got out and walked to work. It took an hour and 20 minutes, including about half an hour walking the length of Hyde Park into the city. Enjoyable at first but after about 40 minutes, with a whole day of work ahead, I was cursing the London Underground.

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