Sunday, 4 November 2007


These are just some more boring park/landscape photos but if you imagine the cold, misty air and falling leaves it makes it more interesting. Soon there won't be any leaves on the trees at all and then I'll stop posting photos of them all the time.

This is at Richmond, which is a short-ish tube ride from our flat. It's full of very grand houses and posh shops. The Thames also flows through here, in a far more picturesque fashion than in it does in Central London. There are little boats huddling under bridges, and weeping willows and crumbling mansions on the banks.

We actually went there in search of warm clothes for our Iceland trip this weekend as braving the crowds on Oxford Street or Kensington High Street is not a happy weekend excursion.

I took these from a tiny little restaurant perched halfway up a park hillside. The Boyfriend had an awesomely delicious wild mushroom tart (which we'd seen for sale earlier in a farmer's market in town) which I kindly helped him eat. I didn't order anything myself as he keeps cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast on the weekends, removing the need for proper lunches.

You can just see the Thames through the trees here.

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