Monday, 1 December 2008

Kew Gardens

While I'm still on Autumn, here are some shots from Kew Gardens in late October. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy and in need of a holiday (which I'm getting next week) so expect things to quiet down here again until I get back from Italy with some more photos and hopefully some more inspiration.

General autumn-ness

That's The Boyfriend playing a corpse under the spectacular tree.

Autumn apples
The Boyfriend on the skywalk thing - a huge wood and metal walkway through the canopy (sponsored by Xstrata, of course).
I don't know what these flowers are (they look a little like fresias) but when I was small and read old picture books they'd always have illustrations of woodland with carpets of individual blooms like this. I recommend clicking on the picture to see it more closely.

The incongrous Kew Gardens pagoda in the distance.

A typical London sight - prostrate person shamelessly and desperately soaking up the fleeting sun.
The Boyfriend was very excited about this greenhouse because he thought The Cure made a film clip there. (We think it was actually a different one on the other side of the Gardens, but I didn't take a photo of that one, so...)

The full set of photos, including close ups of The Boyfriend's "corpse", is on flickr here.


sas said...

Gorgeous flower carpets. I love the parks and green spaces in London. Have you been up to the Heath?

Lauren in London said...

Shamefully, only once. Not very pleasant weather for it at the moment but I will have to try to go again at least once before the big departure date.

Are you going to be living in the north?