Wednesday, 3 December 2008


1. Sitting on the tube to my home station the other night - usually an iPod on, put-my-head-down-and-bear-it experience of unexplained delays, mysterious odours and forced close proximity to others - the trip was hugely improved by the train driver. He had a more pleasant and calming intonation than your average TV host and his announcements managed to be both concise and slightly entertaining. (You don't want to be too entertaining in that environment - people's fuses are too short and you end up with eye-rolling and impatience, like on Virgin Blue in Australia.) Anyway, I was completely charmed by the driver's voice, so once the trip was over I looked out for him on the platform. Luckily he seemed to be at the end of his shift and so was packing up and alighting along with the rest of the passengers (the station is the terminus for that branch of the Central Line). He was chatting animatedly with a co-worker and I noticed he was carrying Buddhism for Dummies.

2. It is so cold here lately that the footpath was actually slippery with frost this morning. Even with my killer Doc Martens on (not white) it was like ice-skating at one point.

3. I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier, as it was quite exciting for me, but I've resigned from my job and am now serving out the purgatory of my three-month notice period. I'm sure my firm would quite like me to leave earlier but the contractual requirement is three months' notice so I couldn't leave it till later on and cross my fingers that they'd let me go earlier. After all, we have a plane out of London and into Cairo all booked.


sas said...

Loved the tube drivers with a sense of humour. The District Line seemed to have them in abundance.

Lauren in London said...

The Central Line not so much - perhaps that's why he particularly caught my attention!

Perhaps it makes sense that District Line drivers have more time and inclination to be amusing. You can't get anywhere on that line in a hurry so maybe they get less commuters and therefore less abuse by passengers?