Monday, 12 January 2009

More inanimate indecency in Edinburgh

As I mentioned previously, Edinburgh in the final days of December was basically like one big party. The one good thing about not actually being there on New Year's Eve (i.e. the best night of the year to be in Scotland) was that we were not subjected to too many drunken rabbles and instead the streets were just buzzy and pleasant. On one trip back from the Old Town along Rose Street to our hotel, we were treated to some fireworks coming from the opposite end of town.

This meant I had to stop whinging about how we would be missing out on special Scottish Hogmanay fireworks on NYE (due to the fact that we would be held captive staying in a cottage miles outside Stirling for the actual Eve part).

It was a moment of spontaneous joy and contentment as we stood in the cobbled street and watched the fireworks. Then I looked over to my right, and was greeted by some quirky Scottish kilt humour.

Forgive my ignorance but I'm not even sure what this animal is supposed to be. Deer? Elk? Moose? Anyway, I'm pretty sure whatever it is, that the next picture is not an accurate anatomical representation (click on the photo to see more closely).

Speaking of rear ends, I slipped on a huge patch of ice on Saturday evening and now have a cracked coccyx. And I hadn't even had a drink yet! It's quite unpleasant, but at least the trip to A&E on Sunday morning was amazingly quick and I did not have to wait for six hours to be treated, or witness any vomiting or hideous injuries. London has been absolutely freezing for the last few weeks, with actual proper snow that didn't immediately melt over the weekend, and I have to say it's no longer a novelty... I am dreaming of wearing bare feet and sundresses in Brisbane in a few short months.


marmitelover said...

Poor you Lauren, hope you recover quickly.
I spent the millenium new years eve, hogmanay, in Edinburgh. I have to say I did not enjoy it. Almost every restaurant was closed, and all there was were a few burger and chip vans. Difficult if you are veggie.
If you are staying in a hotel with no cooking facilities what are you supposed to eat?

Lauren in London said...

Oh no! That must have been a bit difficult. Perhaps they expected you to fill up on ale...
Maybe they've given it some thought as this year there were some excellent vendors at the Christmas market thing near the ferris wheel - they had some delicious crepes and I saw some vegie burgers that looked pretty good. (And also mead and scotch!)