Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Her Majesty

Last week we met some friends for a Sunday drink on the Queen Mary, a floating bar/restaurant on the Thames with views of Westminster, the London Eye, etc. Apparently it used to be some sort of social institution but with the recent smoking ban, and an inexplicable decision to stop serving food on the deck (forcing you to eat in the gloomy, stale-smelling internal area, whatever you call that part of a ship), it's lost some of its charms. Fortunately the day was beautiful - clear and almost brutally sunny - so we enjoyed our beers on the deck, and then headed into town for lunch.

I spent some time staring directly into the sun while trying to take some shots of the view. I couldn't really see what I was producing at the time due to the glare, but this one is a pretty accurate representation.

This is The Boyfriend and friend. Maybe it was more than "a" drink.

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