Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Less than great expectations

The good thing about the fact that almost no one reads this blog is that there's very little expectation of me to react quickly to current events (like the horrific fires in Victoria, or Obama's inauguration), or to produce lots of witty, original content. Maybe I'm getting confused about the chicken-and-the-eggness of it all, i.e. if I was more topical and produced a higher volume of interesting content more people would read me... hmmm, something to ponder. But then that was never really the purpose of this blog.

The purpose of this blog was to give my family in Australia a visual grasp of what my life was like here so we didn't become completely disconnected. Unfortunately I (or the blog) have also failed to meet that key performance indicator as I don't think anyone in my family, other than my mother, actually reads it. (Hi, Mum!) I'm trying to decide now whether to wrap things up here when I leave London in 16 days. Is Lauren in Brisbane worth recording for the world to see? I suspect not. Anyway, it's been to nice to find the few random kind people who bothered to drop by and leave comments which led me to their blogs.

I do feel ashamed of posting photos of my comfortable life at the moment though, while Kevin Rudd is on the TV in tears and photos of obliterated townships and scorched animal corpses dominate the news media at home. But then there's always something indescribably tragic going on somewhere in the world. The bushfires in Victoria logically should not hold more gravity for me just because they are in Australia and I am Australian. Australians are not more important than other people. Many people, including me, criticise the news media in Oz for (for instance) spending 80% of coverage of major disasters reporting on the one injured Australian while hundreds of non-Australians have been killed or injured. But it would be impossible to acknowledge and feel sadness for every waking nightmare the world serves up to us. Maybe it's just a logical filtering mechanism.

Anyway, no photos today. Maybe tomorrow.


Bern said...

I expect great things from a Brisbane blog. I'll really miss this one so will be hoping you continue writing there.

Enjoy your last days in the UK. As you leave we arrive.

Some day we'll catch up, tho'. :)



Lauren in London said...

Thanks Bernie

Will this be a visit to the UK or a more permanent stay?

Bern said...

I wish. No, we're over that weay every year at the moment for a few months. But will arrive just as you leave.

Enjoy Qatar, btw -- and big hug to your folks from us. :)