Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More White Monday

Well, we did make it home last night, although it involved quite a bit of waiting, and at the end, quite a bit of walking through the snowy streets. Luckily our respective employers realised the danger of keeping those who hade made it in to town captive until 5.30pm while the means of transport home were being withdrawn one by one, and let us go home early. I think there was some expectation of working from home once there, hmm...

It snowed steadily until 7 or 8pm last night. We woke up today to an amazing blue sky and carpets of sparkling whiteness in Ealing. However, the streets in central London are now a perilous combination of slush and ice, and as I have completely lost my nerve after my last tailbone-breaking encounter with an icy road, it takes me about 15 minutes to walk 10 metres. More snow forecast for tomorrow and for Friday.

Some shots from the journey into work yesterday are below. One of the best things was the stillness - due to almost no traffic and the acoustically absorbent snow everywhere, I suppose.

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