Monday, 9 February 2009

White Tuesday

As I think I mentioned, Tuesday last week was one of those clear, freezing days, at least in the morning before London fulfilled all expectations and turned overcast by early afternoon. I can't resist posting a few shots of that glorious morning though.

Our street in Ealing looked like that until Friday or so last week, except that it became more slippery and compacted by the day until we were all trekking up the centre of the road in our hiking boots, dodging invisible patches of ice and muddy piles of slush. Meanwhile, the Central London cleaning up process reached Holborn Viaduct by midday on Tuesday.

Just as well too - that ice-and-muddy-slush combo was making walking down the road for a sandwich a bit too perilous for my liking.

I also managed to add another shot to my multi-seasonal coverage of That House Down the Road with the Nice Path

Shame they're a bit wonky all together like that. One day when I have Photoshop instead of the useless piece of rubbish I use (iPhoto circa 2004) I'll fix that up and make a pretty triptych.

Some photos of a trip to snowy Lincoln's Inn Fields yet to post, and then that should be the end of the snow photos, for now. More heavy snow showers are forecast for tomorrow but I think that might just be wishful thinking by a populace who all got to stay home last week.

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