Monday, 2 February 2009

White Monday

Things have been quiet round here of late, but I'm sure no one minds, especially if they're just here by accident looking for Sesame Street birthday cakes.

But I had to come out of slackness to share some pictures which the poor Melburnites will not be able to relate to at all after their recent heatwave.

I give you the view from our house, @ 8.30 a.m:

I took some more on the very long, slow, freezing journey into work this morning which I'll post tonight. That's if I ever make it home. The forecast is for worsening conditions this afternoon. At least half the Underground lines are completely closed, the remainder are partially suspended, Paddington station is closed (so no overground rail homewards) and all London buses are cancelled. We overheard many a commuter this morning grumbling about how the transport infrastructure completely fails every time it snows. But I also understand it hasn't snowed like this for a decade so surely it's not worth spending millions of pounds to upgrade everything to snow-invincibility just for a one-in-10-year weather event.

Anyway, walking from home to the tube station was all sorts of fun, and also very beautiful.

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