Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Things I will miss about London

Let's start with something obvious. Red phone boxes.

Any cuisine, any time (pictured: North African)

Daffodils on the street

Tate Modern (and Tate Britain)

Blue plaques

Days like this.
Moss on my neighbour's brick wall.
The mosaics at Tottenham Court Road.

How my street becomes an explosion of colour in May.

Tube shenanigans.

The way English people lie down in the sun anywhere, any time, any place.


Back streets (of the non-boy band variety).

Front streets
Excellent music.

Random snow storms.

Feeling like an expert on the tube routes (relative to tourists, anyway).

Carpets of blooms (and Kew Gardens).

This earnest drag queen and his mates at Central Station.

The Intrepid Fox

Gunnersbury Park (and all the other parks).


The one thing I can't really photograph is what I love the most about London. That there is always something new and amazing to discover and to find it, often all you have to do is walk around a corner. Thanks for everything London. And thanks for reading, everyone.

Lauren in London (till Saturday)


jannette said...

Love this L - and I will miss it for sure. Will be lovely to have you home though- especially when I get there as well...J

cara said...

Wow! You just made me homesick! I'd forgotten about all that stuff. Now to read the reasons you won't miss London and make me feel a bit better about things...