Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Things I will not miss about London

Living in a house full of someone else's old furniture and where everything else is still on boxes...

...and with this couch and curtain combo.

The depressing point where Holland Park becomes Shepherd's Bush.

Staring at other people's feet while sitting out the sometimes interminable tube trip home.

Being so bored on the interminable tube trip home that you can't help reading the tube advertising.

(Of course) the endless stream of days like this.

My job.

The lack of flat whites.

Before you become completely alienated, I'm planning to follow this up very shortly with a post on some of the many things I will miss about London.

1 comment:

cara said...

HA! Excellent. You have restored my faith. I know what you mean about the coffees.

On my list would have been London teenagers on buses with all their feisty mates. I was one myself once. Horrible. And sunset in the winter at about 3.30pm.